Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Five years of Blogging (on and off!)

I first started writing this Blog back in 2005. It began as a reflection on the time I worked in Botswana back in the early part of this Millennium. Since then ‘Thembinkosi Foundation’ has evolved considerably until we became a UK registered charity 18 months ago. I recently read back through my posts in the Blog and noticed how it has evolved since its inception.

It began as a retrospective diary account of the years I spent living and working in Botswana. The focus was very much on the impact of HIV and Aids. All in all the blog entries were based upon stories and encounters that had affected me. As time went on the Blog drifted to some extent. I have always wanted to keep writing but at times I have found myself writing for the sake of writing. I guess it is for the reader to decide to what extent this was the case.
In recent times the Blog has become refocused. The focus is now very much on our vision to build and sustain a green school in Zambia. The Blog charts the progression of our charity ‘The Thembinkosi Foundation’ and our work in Zambia. The Blog has a new lease of life. It now has more energy. It is more than just a reflection on the past but it’s a vision for the future. This makes it far more exciting to write!

In August we are relocating to Malawi and running our project from there and a base in Livingstone. These are exciting times for us and for the Blog!