Sunday, October 16, 2005

Funeral Arrangements

Without wasting any time Betty was up, showered and out of the house to meet with the girls from the Salon to begin planning for Boipelo's funeral. Boipelo's family lived in a small village not far from Selibwe Pikwe which was about 100km's from Francistown. Hence Betty, Trinnah and Audrey - the owner of the Salon - took control of the funeral arrangements. I was struck by how Boipelo's work colleagues pulled together to help her family. Despite their obvious greif and sorrow they were determined to ensure that Boipelo's family would not have to worry about the logistics of arranging the funeral. Betty and Trinnah went to the hospital to ensure that the death certificate would be ready when Boipelo's mother came to collect her daughter's body and the undertaker was contacted to begin preparations for the burial.

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