Thursday, January 19, 2006

LT - the man had it all!

I stayed in a small self contained one bedroom flat on the campus of the college. Each lecturer had their own flat or house on campus. Lecturers with families might have 3 bedroom houses whereas single guys like me, at the time, had small flats. In fact the set up was the same for schools across Botswana. Every teacher was entitled to heavily subsidised accomodation - whether Motswana or ex-pat. No wonder I feel neglected and under-valued as a teacher back in the UK!

LT had a lovely 3 bedroom house that he shared with his beautiful young wife. I say young she was in her mid 20's whereas LT was around 30 at the time. LT worshipped the ground that she walked upon. As I grew disheartened by the way many guys treated women in Bots (and I don't just mean the local guys) I grew in respect for my friend. He seemed to have it all. A lovely wife, a nice home and excellent career prospects. Most importantly he was a genuinely nice bloke!

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