Friday, August 11, 2006

HIV/AIDS Vaccine?

It will take a very long time to wipe out the horrible AIDS virus without developing a vaccine.

All the other measures on which we are spending so much time, financial and other resources will only mitigate the problem but will not be able to eradicate this virus. It is therefore pleasing that efforts are being made to develop a vaccine that may help conquer the AIDS virus. Given the wisdom and endeavour of humanity it must be actually possible to come up with an AIDS vaccine. But this has not been easy to achieve not necessarily because of limited scientific knowledge on the part of humanity but because of unbridled lust for money, for profits.

Those with the scientific and technical know-how, those who have spent gigantic sums of money developing what appears to be very profitable antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) may not be very keen to see them off the market so soon. They may still want to make more profits from their investments in ARVs. And moreover, it is these same corporations that somehow have the scientific and technological know-how needed to develop AIDS vaccines. And when it comes to matters like these, profits take precedence over human life, especially the lives of those poor human beings in Third World countries.

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