Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Road traffic accidents in Southern Africa

Road traffic accidents are a big killer across Sub-Saharan Africa. Amazingly Road Traffic Accidents is Africa's third biggest killer! It is amazing just how many people lose their lives or are seriously injured in accidents across the region. A look through any of Africa's newspapers will reveal that they happen with depressing regularity.
Despite public outrage at the time, little seems to happen to ensure safety on the roads.
Governments frequently lack the political will or the funds to improve the situation.

In Botswana, for example, accidents are caused by factors that affect most of the region. Poor roads, animals roaming on major carriageways, excessive speed, badly maintained vehicles and worst of all, drink driving, contribute to the situation. Botswana, as a relatively wealthy country has more scope to deal with the situation than her neighbours but whether its the lack of political will or the complacency of the people little is done to address the situation.

The road that connect Lobaste in the extreme south east to Kazungula in the north runs well over 1000km's, through the cities of Gaboronne and Francistown, as well as the heaviest populated villages in the country. The road is fairly well maintained. There are stretches which are in need of repair but on the whole the road is good. However, the road sees dozens of fatalities every year.

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