Sunday, April 04, 2010

Latest News - April 2010

The Thembinkosi Foundation is looking for volunteers to help us move forward our project to Build a School in Zambia. We are looking for a minimum of three people to take over as Trustees of our charity. This will then allow our current Trustees (Adrian and Betty) to make a move to Southern Africa in order to manage the next phase in the building of our school! Will is also stepping down as a Trustee as he is moving to the West Indies where he will oversee our Carribean fundraising venture.

As a Trustee you would be responsible for monitoring the work of our charity - particularly with regard to how we spend the funds that are raised. The role of Trustee is pivotal for any charity but it is not necessarily a time consuming post. Please drop me a line if you are interested or would want more details of what's involved.

As always we are looking for as many people as possible to assist us in our fundraising ventures! Now the Spring is here in the Northern Hemisphere it's an ideal time to embark on Sponsored Events. Please consider running/cycling/walking or the alike on behalf of our charity. We lack the institutionalised organisation of larger charities and thus are dependent upon YOU to help us achieve our goal!

On Friday 16th April we are having another of our famous Band Nights. We are heading back to Woolton Village Club in Liverpool. It promises to be another fantastic evening and Will has put together a fantastic line up on the bill. Check out our Thembinkosi Fundraiser 'event' for more details or contact Will, Betty or Adrian for more information.

Betty and I will be making the move to the region where our school is to be built in the near future. We have decided that the only way to make our dream a reality is to be on the ground. We will continue to support ourselves financially by taking work in the region and thus ensure that all monies raised by our fundraising ventures go directly to the project. We have no paid fundraisers or administrators and thus we can guaratee that all funds rasied go to help to provide education for some of the world's most vulnerable children.

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