Friday, May 30, 2014

Update from Malawi Election 2014 - Time to end the power vacuum?

Friends in Malawi. Election Update!

Seven out of ten members of the MEC have refused to ratify the vote count despite the High Court Ruling ordering the release of result today - in order to meet the 8 day legal obligation for the release of results. The stand off continues!

The seven MEC officials are basically blocking Peter Mutharika from taking up the Presidency. Love him or hate him and his party it is clear that he has won the election. The Constitution and rule of law are more important than the individuals involved. The PVT and the Afrobarometre opinion poll clearly support the initial MEC results and it appears Mutharika has 42% of the vote. In a first past the post system that is a mandate to govern. You may question the legitimacy of FPTP and of the electoral process in Malawi but those are questions for the future. 

As it stand now Peter Mutharika must be inaugurated as President of the Republic of Malawi for the sake of democracy.

Disclaimer: I have know political allegiance in Malawi. This will be evident to anyone who follows me on Twitter. @Thembinkosi 

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