Friday, September 22, 2006

The Activities of ZAW

Gender and Civic

* ZAW promotes the enhancement of the postion of women (women's rights, women and inheritence, women and education, women and development etc.)

* ZAW advocates for good governence and the promotion of peace.

* ZAW works in conjunction with other NGO's on other vital issues such as the promotion of CEDAW - The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women.

Environmental and Sustainable Development

* ZAW conducts sensitisation and training workshops in the areas of environment and health, educating communities about waste management and the disposal of urban and peri-urban waste.

Social and Economic

* ZAW promotes poverty eradication through food security programmes and other potentially income generating activities.

* ZAW carries out and supports research into gender issues.

* ZAW promotes Zambian culture and family values that positively enhance the position of women and girls.

Training Seminars and Workshops

* ZAW holds community based training workshops and seminars in the pursuance of the organisations objectives.

For a heart warming story about ZAW's work with 'Bus Boys' in Lusaka.

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