Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Zambian Alliance of Women - ZAW

The Mission Statement of the Zambian Alliance of Women is:

'To empower women to take charge of their lives through gender, environmental and social justice so that the right to a healthy life is enjoyed by the now and future generations.'

The Background of the Zambian Alliance of Women

The Zambian Alliance of Women (ZAW) is an affiliate of the International Alliance of Women. It started operation in 1978 after a visit to Lusaka by Grete Borgemann, then Chairperson of the International Alliance of Women's education commission. Grete was sent by the IAW Board to Zambia to familiarise Zambian women in NGO's with aspects of law and development and to see if Zambian women would be interested in forming links with the international organisation.

As the visit took place during the UN decade for Women (1976-85) many women in Zambia were already deliberating on the important themes of the decade; equality, development and peace. Women identified that effective development could not take place without true gender equality and that peace would only be an illusion in a state of poverty and want.

ZAW is a non government, non profit making, non partisan organisation that was first registered in 1982. It is now formally registered as a corporate body under the name Zambian Alliance of Women and has registered trustees according to the Land Perpetual Succession Act (CAP 288 March 1993.)

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